Storefront is now closed. Ordering will resume in September.

Orders are taken each year from September 3 through April 30. Shipping begins Thanksgiving week and runs through April (weather permitting).


NOTE: We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are experiencing issues with our online ordering system. Specifically, a miscalculation of
shipping charges may occur when ordering, and with some species, the option to have seedlings shipped to you may not appear.


Please bear with us as we work to correct these issues. Once your order has been placed, we will double check the shipping charged and
make any corrections to assure you are charged the proper amount.


You do have the option to have seedlings mailed to your home or business. If that option does not appear while shopping, please send
a separate email to noting that, and we will work with you to make sure your order is shipped directly to you.

Clements sells seedlings to landowners in West Virginia and surrounding states. All are genetically suitable to plant throughout West Virginia and neighboring states.
Orders are shipped or you can pick them up at the nursery in West Columbia.
Please call the nursery at 304-675-1820 before picking up your order.

Reforestation, coal mine reclamation, wildlife cover and Christmas tree production
are just a few reasons to plant trees from Clements State Tree Nursery!

No shipping and handling charges when trees are picked up at the nursery.
30% DISCOUNT available on orders of 5,000 or more seedlings. During checkout, enter coupon code OVER5000 to get 30% off your entire purchase if ordering 5,000 or more seedlings.  

These seedlings are not for resale. They are provided by the State Nursery for reforestation, erosion control, Christmas tree establishments, shelter belts, windbreaks and wildlife. The Division reserves the right to substitute, prorate or cancel orders, if necessary, due to loss from weather, insect or fungus damage and/or other uncontrollable factors.