Athlete Burnout Questionnaire Manual
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ISBN: 978-1-885693-88-4
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 88
Author/Editor: Thomas D. Raedeke & Alan L. Smith
Product Detail: This test manual, the fourth in FIT’s Sport and Exercise Psychology Test Clearinghouse, is a succinct and informative resource outlining the conceptual basis of the athlete burnout syndrome and its measurement. The manual delineates the process used in developing the ABQ and provides users with information on the meaning of scores derived from its use.

Aspects related to the ABQ are presented in a comprehensive manner:
  • Athlete Burnout Questionnaire (ABQ), along with the guidelines for administering and scoring it
  • Conceptual underpinnings of the ABQ, including an overview of the burnout construct and the operational definition used to guide item development, as well as a description of how the preliminary item pool was developed
  • Review of research using a within-network approach to examining the internal structure of the burnout construct based on the ABQ; plus a description of both internal consistency and stability of ABQ scores
  • Discussion of a between-network approach to construct validation by examining the relationship of ABQ scores to theoretically relevant variables stemming from stress, sociological, and motivational perspectives on burnout
  • Basic descriptive statistical information that can help users interpret the meaning of scores derived from the ABQ
Audience: Reference, Undergraduate, and Graduate


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